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On another website, an interest in my animation rendering experience was expressed. So, this page has the technical details on the equipment. You can find the current list of WIPS and Samples at: Daz WIPs .

Using a standardized rendering test found here: SickleYield Iray Test : I got the following results.

  • 1) When I started using DAZ Studio I had an HP Pavilion which did not even have a graphics card.
  • i3-5020U 2.2Ghz
  • intel HD graphics 5500 (that is correct … no graphics card)
  • CPU only – 450 iterations in 15 minutes giving an approximate finished time of 166 minutes (2 3/4 hours)

  • 2) After that, most of my work has been done on a Dell Inspiron.
  • i5-6300HQ 3.2Ghz
  • Geforce 960m with 4gb vram
  • 16GB System Ram
  • GPU only – 995 iterations in 5 minutes giving an approximate finished time of 25 minutes
  • GPU+CPU+OPTIX – 1137 iterations in 5 minutes approximate finish of 22 minutes

  • 3) My new build, MSI Tomahawk X299 Motherboard
  • i9-7940X with 14 cores
  • Quadro M6000 with 24Gb vram
  • 64Gb System Ram
  • GPU only – finished in 5m 40s
  • GPU+CPU+OPTIX – finished in 2m 21s
  • Having tested a number of scenes, I recognize there are many variables in how fast one renders over another (including lighting, types of shaders, render engine, etc). But to simplify the average:

    If the HP can render an image in 100 hours
    Then the Dell can render it in 10 hours
    And the MSI can render it in 1 hour

    Quite a difference – especially when multiplied by dozens or hundreds of rendered frames for an animation.

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