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As an author, I know that graphics and illustrations can cost a lot of money. As a speaker about creation, I know that ministries and organizations do not always have money for this resource. I have been learning to make my own graphic artwork and I want to make that available with others who are also defending Scripture and Creation.
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The sample images on this website are typically 730 X 411 pixels in size and contain a 'Zaqen Studio' logo. High definition and printing quality versions of these images are available without the logo. Please contact me with details on what your project needs.
Quality and Style Samples


Technically, I do not produce work-for-hire. However, if you have a good project, I will volunteer my time and effort to produce custom artwork and images. This includes creation ministries, church organizations, children's outreaches, and many more. If you have a request, let me know.
Commission Details

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